When the day is hot and the lions lie belly-up in the shade of a tree, it’s time to look up and witness the busy bird life above you. Glimpse flashes of iridescent colour and hear the melody of songbirds. Perhaps you’ll spot weavers squabbling over space and materials while constructing their intricately woven nests. Or maybe you’ll witness the tango between potential mates as the male puffs out his feathers and aims to impress.

East Africa is full of prime birding locations, whether you are content with the occasional sighting from your vehicle or prefer to set off on a twitching mission. Select your best pair of binoculars, pack your zoom lens and meet with a guide who shares your passion. Whether on foot or in a 4×4, the pace slows on a birding safari and openup a world of details. Find yourself parked quietly beside a popular waterhole to watch who comes and goes or crouched in the undergrowth waiting for that telling flutter of movement.

Our birding destinations

Ruaha National Park and Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania are both ideal locations for spotting across-section of East African birds and Southern African migrants. In the depths of Rubondo Island’s forests or Ngorongoro’s montane woodlands, keen birders can spot hundreds of different species. Asilia’s reach even extends to the birding havens of Uganda and Rwanda and along the lush Swahili coastline.

Be prepared

With the wide range of habitats just waiting to be explored on an East African safari holiday, avid birders must be prepared for every terrain and climate. Dusty plains, humid forests, muddy paths and long hikes may stand between you and the final bird on your checklist. Pack light and comfortable clothing with warm and waterproof options. Neutral colours are best for blending inwhile sturdy hiking boots will never go amiss when clambering over rocks and fallen trees to spot that rare winged beauty.