We know that the epitome of any safari is the game drive, so we aim to give you the best possible experience, with specially equipped vehicles and knowledgeable guides.

Game drives are typically enjoyed at our company: in the early morning and late afternoon. Our robust, custom-modified 4×4s and highly trained driver-guides take guests over rough terrain to discover incredible new slices of nature, crossing low rivers and overcoming steep gullies to cruising over vast, open plains.  

Start your early morning with the roar of an engine and the promise of adventure. The rugged tyres of our vehicles churn up the mud of the plains, keeping you on track in your quest to find herds of wildebeest or elusive leopards. The open sides and high seats of our custom vehicles mean you will never miss a thing as you scan the horizon.  

For those traveling longer distancesclosed vehicles with pop-up roofs are used to take you on game drives that will transfer you to your next safari camp. These offer protection from gusts of wind, while still allowing you to enjoy incredible sightings of birds of prey circling overhead and other wildlife. Both styles of vehicle are equipped with a fridge and picnic bag to ensure you have all you need on your game drive. 

Guests choose when to stop on their game drive for a delicious homemade breakfast sandwich and a thermos of hot coffee in the morning. If you’re out for a late-afternoon drive, we’ll park the vehicle and sip on a well-deserved gin and tonic to watch the sunset. 

For photography enthusiasts, our company also offers specialty photographic game safaris, and for those seeking extra privacy, ask about our private game safaris.